Past Events (April – June 2016)

Chinese Calligraphy (From 29/03/16  to 11/04/16)

Conducted by Hwa Chong Junior College Chinese Calligraphy Club, it was a six sessions of Chinese Calligraphy, brush painting and paper cutting workshop for the  students of primary 2 and primary 3 levels.  Time was well spent during the weekdays right after their school works.

The children got to learn and understand the Chinese cultural traditional practice and language along the way.



Child Protection Awareness (on 01/06/16)

The workshop was brought to us by “Big Love”, the child protection specialist centre under the program by Monfort care.

Children were shared with the information about different kinds of child abuse. The students were being prompted on how to identify it and who, where and how to get help if they need. There were roles play acted by their volunteers and staffs followed by video stories to show to the children for further elaboration on child protection and abuse.

The workshop ended with some games, fun photograph taking and pledge done by individual child in the centre.



Act 3 International – Children Festival performance (on 02/06/16)

The students were invited to view a performance at National Library. The performers are from Sweden and United Kingdom.  They have used various types of musical instrument and songs, melody and rhythm from different countries to depict the language of love to the children.

It was a very entertaining and interactive show for the audience. It was also an eye opener for the adults to see how the artists brought in the musical elements to everyone and make it acceptable and enjoyable to everyone.



Visit to Hougang Sheng Hong Sports Complex (on 08/06/16)

Upon invitation, we went to the swimming pool with a curious mind as this time the staffs  planned to bring us to view the swimming complex “behind the scene” when the public member cannot be reached.

The weather had suddenly changed to cloudy after a pool safety talk and demonstration of CPR by the life guards. We were then led to the prohibited place “The engine room by the senior life guard and heard the technical explanation of the operations and challenges for running a swimming pool.

We were told that Singaporean is very lucky as our admission fee is very low, so low that it was way beyond to cover the operation cost. If without financial support by the government funding bodies, it may cost 10 to 15 times more for everyone to come for a swim in order for the swimming pool to be sustainable.

The children were eager for a dip in the pool, they quickly changed into their swimming attire and they were surprised by a team of lifeguards were actually waiting for them in the pool to have a water-polo game together. It was so fun and we had the privilege to play with them for the first time.



Global Warming Talk (on 15/06/16)

We were glad to invite Mr Goh from Earth Society to share with the children about the causes and effects of the world environmental changes of climates.  He also encouraged the children for saving the world in many ways that children can do. For example to have good habits like save electricity, water and eat less meat, commit to being a vegetarian a day in a week.

The students responded well to his questions and answer time.



A visit to Singapore Philatelic Museum (on 21/06/16)

The trip was sponsored by the National Heritage Board. The museum is situated in a pre-war house and this gives the museum and ancient ambience which is appropriate since the museum exhibited the history of stamps and other historical facts.

On reaching the museum, the children were brought to a room which had stamps from all over the world and the oldest mail post box in Singapore. There were displayed of different mailboxes from all over the world too. Some are very unique and the designs were very creative.

Under the theme of “Journey through the mail Box”, the students were given a task to design a mail box. Before that, the children were being told and shown in the other room, the ancient history of Singapore. This was accompanied with pictures and clips which told us about the start of stamps and the development of the mail boxes from time to time.

At the end of the workshop, children were given a postcard to write a love message to their family member (Dad or Mum) and dropped it into the post box in front of the museum with their home address written on it.

The children had gotten their own mailbox and a set of current Europe stamps (France) as souvenir. How lucky they are!

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