Life Review Workshop

Life Review aims to help participants by games, discussion and sharing sessions etc to:

  • achieve ego integrity
  • provide emotional and spiritual support

preserve elderly identity while shaping and evaluating it in a new way

We live our life forward, but we understand them backward. When we read a book or see a movie, we gain different understanding every time we read or see it again. Remembering the past can bring new awareness to the present.

Life is made up by of a mass of tangled threads without patterns. Life Review is like the weaver that helps to form patterns and finally make the threads into a beautiful tapestry.


Date, Time:To be confirmed, consecutively 5-week meetings

Venue:Life Point

No of participants:10 persons


Target:Age over 55 years old

Fee:Member $10, Non-member $15

Registration method:

Come to Life Point for registration or

Download registration form here then send back by mail or email

Enquiry tel no:65389877

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