“Footprints of Life” Book Project 《那些年。。。生命足迹 》计划

Footprints of Life 那些年。。。生命足迹

As part of Life Point’s efforts in preserving the memories of seniors, and assisting them in passing down their legacy to their descendants or general members of the public, the idea for the “Footprints of Life” book was born. 

This book was co-authored by 14 seniors, who all participated in Mr Yeo Thiang Swee’s auto-biography class that was hosted at Life Point’s premises earlier this year. Under Mr Yeo’s guidance and motivation, these seniors were able to pen down their thoughts and memories onto paper. Due to the strong bonds forged during class, the idea of compiling all their stories into a book surfaced and was well-received. 

Life Point worked to make this book project a reality by taking on the role of coordinating interactions between various stakeholders and also by organising the book launch. 

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all who have shown their support for this cause. We hope that you will continue to support us! 🙏🏼





生命同行坊再次感谢大家热烈的支持与祝贺。希望大家能够继续支持我们 🙏🏼


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