Re-opening of Active Ageing Hub @Sennett 成隍乐龄中心重新开放


Dear members and visitors of Sheng Hong Active Ageing Hub @Sennett,

We have resumed some activities in a safe and controlled manner for you to join our programs. We welcome you to re-join and use the facilities of the centre physically. All visitors who enter the Active Ageing Hub must check-in using the Safe Entry system, wear a mask, and to take their body temperature and complete the Declaration Form. Members and visitors are only allowed into our centre on an appointment basis.

Book a slot with us 2 working days prior to your visit. 

For inquiries or to book a slot for programs and activities at the Active Ageing Club contact us at 6239 0936/ WhatsApp 9195 2006.

Inquiries on Daycare (Maintenance/ General Dementia Daycare) or Community Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy/ Occupational therapy) services contact us at 6239 0933/ WhatsApp 8248 7099.

This is the link to the Declaration Form prior to your visit:
Declaration Form

Thank you!
Sheng Hong Active Ageing Hub




进入成隍乐龄中心的会员和访客必须使用 Safe Entry 访客登记系统登记,戴口罩,并测量体温,作出健康申报等。只有事先预约的人士才能进入我们的中心。

在您造訪前两個工作日與我們預訂日期与时间。通過電話 6239 0936 或 WhatsApp 9195 2006.

日托 /失智症年长者或社區复健服務查詢請致電6239 0933/ WhatsApp 8248 7099。




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