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[Privacy Policy 最新的隐私政策]

Hi all, due to a change in our policy, with immediate effect, we will only accept local mobile numbers (+65) into this Whatsapp group and will be removing mobile numbers with foreign country codes. If you wish to continue receiving news on Life Point’s activities, you may wish to follow us on Facebook instead ( Thank you!

We would also like to update that by joining this Whatsapp group, you have agreed to disclose your mobile numbers to other participants within the group. Life Point will not be held responsible for any abuse that could occur. You may leave this group at any point in time should you feel like your contact information has been compromised, or you can choose to hide your contact information from other participants by changing your privacy settings. Whatsapp Settings > Account > Privacy > About > My Contacts

大家好,由于我们政策的更改,即刻生效,我们只会在此Whatsapp组中接受本地电话号码(+65) 并将删除带有外国代码的电话号码。如果您希望继续接收有关生命同行坊的活动和新闻,请关注我们的面簿专页 ( 。谢谢!

加入此Whatsapp组,您已同意向该组中的其他参与者公开您的手机号码。 生命同行坊对可能发生的任何滥用不承担任何责。您能随时离开这群组,或者您可以通过更改您Whatsapp隐私设置来选择对其他参与者隐藏您的联系信息。 Whatsapp Settings > Account > Privacy > About > My Contacts

For further questions please call 6538 9877. 若有其他疑问,请致电6538 9877。

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