July – September Zoom Talks 7月至9月ZOOM线上讲座

Hi everyone! Below are the upcoming ZOOM talks for July-September! Please register using the Google Form links provided or you may call us at 65389877 to register. All ZOOM talks are FREE. Thank you! 😄

大家好!以下是在7月至9月即将举行的ZOOM线上讲座。请使用以下的链接报名,或拨打6538 9877 报名。ZOOM线上讲座是免费的。谢谢!😄

Lasting Power of Attorney Eng Talk:

22/08/2020 (Sat) https://forms.gle/uj4piXToaHvoyBXx8

09/09/2020 (Wed) https://forms.gle/g7HNGwABFV5BJpzN7

25/08/2020 (星期二) https://forms.gle/tGHPYPBjo64S2pwZ9

14/09/2020 (星期一) https://forms.gle/YCRGbh1EHfqwQRADA

Introduction of Will Making English Talk:
20/07/2020 (Mon) https://forms.gle/JKdLrm8YQTC6xFbR9

17/08/2020 (Mon) https://forms.gle/Xk4X8x72DzQdTAmGA

15/09/2020 (Tues) https://forms.gle/hyD4hCunbem8jNro9

03/08/2020 (星期一) https://forms.gle/nwX2vwsGAorXYAL89

02/09/2020 (星期三) https://forms.gle/g4gVuMixnzsChah67

Deputyship Application Eng Talk:
27/07/2020 (Mon) https://forms.gle/SJqshRkkVgouFNuc9

30/09/2020 (Wed) https://forms.gle/r41qSyDxJZXgkDfr6

26/08/2020 (星期三) https://forms.gle/9PXUtGhv8i9LTi3N7

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