Jan – Mar 2021 Zoom Talk 2021年1月至3月Zoom线上讲座

All Zoom talks are free, until further notice. 所有的Zoom线上讲座是免费的。

Lasting Power of Attorney (English):

25/01/2021 (Mon) https://forms.gle/NJti6Cs9Ja5bga8x6

22/02/2021 (Mon) https://forms.gle/UnFkQDuFwCT8yKgq6

22/03/2021 (Mon) https://forms.gle/yE2Y1EzcYVBqrxWB9


持久授权书 (中文):

11/01/2021 (星期一) https://forms.gle/xaMBLuAMS6NcS6Au6

03/02/2021 (星期三) https://forms.gle/BaE6aJGussTY3kYE9

08/03/2021 (星期一) https://forms.gle/YFb7cruaT4KJSDCJ9


Will Making (English):

05/01/2021 (Tue) https://forms.gle/7cxjLjpvgZEpuAWX8

01/02/2021 (Mon) https://forms.gle/qeWuWWdnLMBhCKFo7

01/03/2021 (Mon) https://forms.gle/2JuiftHTpSB8wctk7


遗嘱须知 (中文):

18/01/2021 (星期一) https://forms.gle/foFwPWWkHNPkqbCz6

09/02/2021 (星期二) https://forms.gle/JUC9Qx5qGE6ATrbY7

15/03/2021 (星期一) https://forms.gle/M8py76MQa97V4G1v5


Deputyship Application (English):

18/02/2021 (Thurs) https://forms.gle/fMiZ5oGNftBNu4jx7

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