Footprints of Life 2 《那些年。。。生命足迹》2

As part of Life Point’s efforts in preserving the memories of seniors, we had collaborated with Mr Yeo Thiang Swee (Trainer) on several occasions to organise an ‘Autobiography Writing’ course for the seniors via National Silver Academy (NSA). This autobiography book ‘<<那些年……生命足迹2>> Footprints of Life 2’ is a culmination of efforts from the NSA 2021 autobiography class graduates.
With the encouragement from Mr Yeo, 11 authors wrote down their life stories. It took close to 10 months from conceptualisation to writing, editing, printing and preparation for the book launch. The creation of the book is a dream that have come through for these graduates. It is also a life review for them and passing down their legacy to their descendants and to the general public.

Life Point worked to make this book project a reality by taking on the role of coordinating interactions between various stakeholders and also by organising a virtual book launch.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all who have shown their support for this cause. We hope that you will continue to support us! 🙏🏼


In case you missed it:

  • Watch the full book launch here
  • Download the digital book here


生命同行坊本着鼓励长者 “为生命留记录,为人生创价值”的宗旨多次与培训师杨添瑞先生合作,主办乐龄学院课程“长者如何撰写写自传”写作班。
在课程导师杨添瑞先生的号召组织下, 11位合集作者交出诚意之作;编辑及生命同行坊同仁从中筹划协调,大家群君策群力,花了将近10个月的时间创作,编辑,出版印刷及筹备发布会。


生命同行坊再次感谢大家热烈的支持与祝贺。希望大家能够继续支持我们 🙏🏼


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