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(中文) Back to the Unexpected Journeys….

The “Unexpected Journeys: A collection of short stories” launched in a special date and time, at 2:22pm on 22/2/22. It reads the same from left to right and right to left. It was also a happy “twosday”. It was a big day for us as we have been preparing for more than a year for its launch.


Last year, just after the Chinese book launch in December, we were aware that our book was in the process of printing. All of us were very excited. We were eager to see, feel and hold the hard copies in our hands. Henceforth, we started planning for the book launch enthusiastically.

A few Zoom meetings took place …

Being a group of seniors with different backgrounds, there was a diversity of views and different ideas. However, we managed to overcome all the obstacles, reach common grounds, build trust, and tapped on everybody’s creativities.

We decided to plan for a two-hour programme with fun and laughter. It includes singing, line dancing, Cantonese opera and ukulele performance by our authors and guests.

Through the planning process, our friendship blossomed like a bundle of sugarcane. You can break it, crush it, squeeze it, beat it, or even grind it, and you will still get the taste of sweetness at the end.

We are thankful to our instructor Mr Yeo Thiang Swee, editor Ms Shirley Tan, publisher Ms Ang Soo Buay, all the authors, supporters and staff from Life Point for their unyielding support. Special thanks to Dr Toh Soon Huat, President of Sian Chay Medical Institute and 1st Vice President of Goh Loo Club, Mr. Daniel Teo, 2nd Vice President of Goh Loo Club as well as Mr. Low Mun Heng, Director of the Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services for their opening speeches and for gracing the event.

Last but not least, we were grateful to all our audiences. We really appreciate them for taking the time to give us their support. Without these supports, we would not have achieved such a successful launch.

Happy reading! 

In case you missed it:

  • Watch the full book launch here
  • Read the digital book here







2022年2月22日是个良辰吉日,英文自传合集《人生旅途不期而遇》的线上发布会就在这一天。这可是我们期待已久的 “大日子”,筹备超过大约一年的时光终于来到了。








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