Jan-Mar 2023 Zoom Talk 2023年1月至3月Zoom线上讲座

All Zoom talks are free until further notice. All talks are from 1030am to 12pm unless otherwise stated.



Lasting Power of Attorney (English):

02/02/2023 (Thurs) https://forms.gle/S9kQjUXHHBeyeTURA

02/03/2023 (Thurs) https://forms.gle/1fhskK86S35uU3ut8


持久授权书 (中文) :

03/02/2023 (星期五) https://forms.gle/S5VoLvfGSmcHc8Vd6

07/03/2023 (星期二) https://forms.gle/4V5NYZRv6G1v7AA4A


Will Making (English): 



遗嘱须知 (中文) : 

09/02/2023 (星期四) https://forms.gle/h73VFkEophSQCz3TA
08/03/2023 (星期三) https://forms.gle/Cq71aY2mLTvuXL7U9


Advance Care Planning (English) https://youtu.be/lC3oGOh9QVE

预先护理计划(中文) https://youtu.be/dtYYaB7lFDo


Advance Medical Directive (English) https://youtu.be/nziXLOESHWI



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