Footprints of Life 3 《那些年。。。生命足迹》3

As part of Life Point’s efforts in encouraging seniors to preserve their memories, we have been organising the ‘Autobiography Writing’ course under National Silver Academy (NSA) with the help of Trainer, Mr Yeo Thiang Swee. The process of writing aims to help seniors review their life and pass down their legacy to their descendants and to the general public.
With support from the trainer, 9 ordinary seniors have now become co-authors of autobiography book ‘<<那些年……生命足迹3>> Footprints of Life 3’! On the afternoon of 19 March 2023, more than 100 guests gathered at The Pod @ National Library to witness the official launch of the book.
Interested to obtain a copy of the autobiography book ‘<<那些年……生命足迹3>> Footprints of Life 3’? You are welcome to visit our office at 175 MacPherson Road, S348537 (Tel: 65389877/62390936) to obtain a copy with a $10 donation. All donations received will help to cover the publication costs of the next autobiography book.
Life Point would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all who have shown their support for this cause. Special thanks to National Library Board (NLB) for sponsoring the event venue and our volunteers for their help. We hope that you will continue to support us! 🙏🏼
有意获得《那些年……生命足迹3》的公众,欢迎亲临生命同行坊(信立)以乐捐十元方式索取。所有善款将充作下一本合集的出版经费,让此智慧传承计划得以延续。地址:175 MacPherson Road Singapore 348537 (电话:65389877/62390936)
特别感谢国家图书馆(National Library Board)的场地赞助!

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