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What is Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA) and what can LPA do for you?

15 September 2020, Tuesday

What is LPA? Do I need One? Have you done it?  Come! Join us to know what LPA is and can do for you.  Registration for the online Zoom LPA talk in English and Mandarin session is now open! 什麼是 LPA? 我需要一個嗎? 你做完了嗎? 來! 加入我們, 瞭解LPA是什麼, 可以為你做什麼。 网上ZOOM讲座 LPA 註冊現已開放!

Come join us to know what ACP is and what can ACP do for you!

15 September 2020, Tuesday

Registration for the online Zoom ACP talk in English and Mandarin session is now open!   What is Advance Care Plan (ACP)? I need??? Done it? ………… Join us to know what ACP is and can do for you.       ZOOM ACP 讲座 的註冊現已開放! 什麼是预先護理計劃 (ACP)? 我需要吗??? 完成了吗?………… 加入我們, 瞭解 ACP 是什麼, 可以為你做什麼。  

October – December Zoom Talk 10月至12月Zoom线上讲座

09 September 2020, Wednesday

All Zoom talks are free, until further notice. 所有的Zoom线上讲座是免费的。   Lasting Power of Attorney (English): 05/10/2020 (Mon) 05/11/2020 (Thurs) 04/12/2020 (Fri)   持久授权书 (中文): 08/10/2020 (星期四) 02/11/2020 (星期一) 14/12/2020 (星期一)   Will Making (English): 12/10/2020 (Mon) 16/11/2020 (Mon) 07/12/2020 (Mon)   遗嘱须知 (中文): 01/10/2020 (星期四) 09/11/2020 (星期一) 21/12/2020 (星期一)   Deputyship Application (English): 20/10/2020 (Tues) […]

Online Reminiscence Workshop – 5 sessions

28 August 2020, Friday

Let’s get Nostalgic! On 16, 18, 23, 25, 30 September (Wed & Fri) 2.30-4.30pm Eligibility: 1) Age 50 or above with no hearing impairment 2) English literate 3) Have a laptop with camera and speaker for Zoom sharing 4) Can commit to all 5 sessions Limited on 8 pax only! Register now at or […]

TCM Nutrition 中醫營養

17 August 2020, Monday

What is TCM Nutrition about? How to apply the concept of TCM Nutrition into our daily lives? Register Now or enquire!  via Whatsapp 9195 2006 or Contact 6239 0936.   中醫營養是關於什麼呢? 如何將中醫營養的概念運用到我們的日常生活中? 立即报名註冊! WhatsApp 9195 2006 或致電 6239 0936 向我們進行註冊或查詢。

Hougang Sheng Hong FSC is Social Media ready!

06 August 2020, Thursday

We’re on social media and we’d love you to give us a follow! At HSHFSC, we would love to share healthy tips, contests and stay updated on the latest news and information. We would love for you to join us on our journey to celebrate our successes and empower the community. Click on the link […]

July – September Zoom Talks 7月至9月ZOOM线上讲座

24 July 2020, Friday

Hi everyone! Below are the upcoming ZOOM talks for July-September! Please register using the Google Form links provided or you may call us at 65389877 to register. All ZOOM talks are FREE. Thank you! 😄 大家好!以下是在7月至9月即将举行的ZOOM线上讲座。请使用以下的链接报名,或拨打6538 9877 报名。ZOOM线上讲座是免费的。谢谢!😄   Lasting Power of Attorney Eng Talk: 29/07/2020 (Wed) (completed) 22/08/2020 (Sat) (registration full) 09/09/2020 […]

Entering 4th Age Talk 迈向圆满人生讲座

24 July 2020, Friday

Entering 4th Age is a free 2-session talk series (in Mandarin) that aims to equip seniors (age 50 and above) with information on social services, medical services, and other relevant services that they might require, teach them ways to communicate end-of-life matters with their loved ones and to introduce them to certain end-of-life related documents. […]

Life Point 生命同行坊 Whatsapp Group群组/Telegram Channel频道

17 July 2020, Friday

Get the latest updates delivered to you on Whatsapp ➡️ or Telegram ➡️ 加入我们的Whatsapp群组 ➡️ 或我们的Telegram频道 ➡️,已收到最新讯息。 [Privacy Policy 最新的隐私政策] Hi all, due to a change in our policy, with immediate effect, we will only accept local mobile numbers (+65) into this Whatsapp group and will be removing mobile numbers with foreign country codes. If you wish to continue receiving news […]

Deputyship Duties Webinar 代理人代理人行使权及义务 网络研讨会

16 July 2020, Thursday

Know of a newly-appointed Deputy who is caring for someone who has lost mental capacity? Invite them to our upcoming webinar on Deputyship Duties (in Mandarin)! Date: 29 July 2020 (Wednesday) Time: 6:30pm – 8pm Participants will gain access to real-time, online training and resources to better carry out duties as a Deputy. Register now […]

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