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06 April 2020, Monday

生命同行坊在2020年4月至6月,举办各项有关规划善终的公开讲座。 包括: 预先护理计划、 预先医疗指示、 遗嘱、 持久授权书、 代理人 请留意,根据新冠病毒的最新指引,4月的讲座一律取消。

Parent Workshop

04 April 2020, Saturday

Dear parents, In view of the current COVID-19 development, MOE and MSF have announced that Student Care Centre to suspend service from 8 April 2020 till 4 May 2020.  Therefore, the coming Parent Workshop on 17 April 2020 will be cancelled.  Please monitor your kid for fever three times a day. Lets us all do […]

Upcoming Courses and Programmes for Year 2020

09 March 2020, Monday

  Enrich Your Life Through Active Learning 乐学乐活 The following courses and workshops are scheduled for year 2020. Please contact us (6239 0936) or click on the link  to kindly indicate your interest in participation by completing the Goggle form and we will do the necessary linking up with you.  To know more about the programme details, […]

Parent Workshop

04 March 2020, Wednesday

Dear parents, Please be informed that due to the current COVID-19 situation, the above workshop will be re-scheduled to 17th April 2020 Friday from 6.15pm till 7.15pm.  We strongly encourage parents to sign up for the workshop.  Parents will be able to understand the importance of core values, and learn how to instill good values […]

Come! Register for upcoming Programmes at Active Ageing Hub @ Sennett.

03 March 2020, Tuesday

While we may have temporarily suspended our activities as per the MOH’s advisory regarding COVID-19, we would also like you to keep us in mind for future participation.  Meanwhile, we have included a link for you to register your interest for the upcoming activities. Kindly click on this link: for more information and do register your […]

AAH Members Get Together in January 2020

28 February 2020, Friday

As a regular meeting up to promote bonding within members, the members got together for a CNY dumpling making and sharing session on 8/1/2020. It was a fun session with lots of interactions with one another.         


28 February 2020, Friday

Active Ageing Hub @ Sennett is open! A write-up by Zaobao article highlighting some of the services we offer at our hub. Call us for more information and we will be happy & glad to share with you.  

In the News

30 January 2020, Thursday

  In the News – Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 – 29 January 2020


21 January 2020, Tuesday

  The Management & Staff of Macpherson Sheng Hong Childcare Centre Wish you & Your family a Happy Lunar Year! May you be blessed with Good Health, Good Luck & Happiness throughout the year!   祝你有 “鼠”不尽的快乐!”鼠”不尽的收获! “鼠”不尽的钞票!”鼠”不尽的笑容! “鼠”不尽的幸福!”鼠”不尽的喜气! “鼠”不尽的财富!”鼠”不尽的甜蜜! “鼠”不尽的激情!”鼠”不尽的活力! “鼠”不尽的健康!”鼠”不尽的荣誉!

“Footprints of Life” Book Project 《那些年。。。生命足迹 》计划

20 January 2020, Monday

Footprints of Life 那些年。。。生命足迹 As part of Life Point’s efforts in preserving the memories of seniors, and assisting them in passing down their legacy to their descendants or general members of the public, the idea for the “Footprints of Life” book was born.  This book was co-authored by 14 seniors, who all participated in Mr […]

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