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Sheng Hong Active Ageing Hub @ Sennett is the first purpose-built stand-alone Day Care Centre in Singapore… Read More

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1. Day Care

It includes Maintenance Day Care for clients while caregivers are at work, it provides therapist-prescribed physical maintenance exercises and specially curated activities for cognitive stimulation. 

Dementia Day Care is another service that provides comprehensive and structured programmes for clients at different stages of dementia.

2. Day Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation therapy is a sessional programme which aims to help clients to reintegrate back to the community through a holistic centre-based rehabilitation programme. 

And Maintenance Exercises focuses on maintaining our clients’ functional ability and delaying physical deterioration due to diseases and ageing.

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Events & Activities

Will Making Zoom Talk 订立遗嘱 Zoom 讲座

13 October 2020, Tuesday

When Should I make a Will?  什麼時候應該订立遗嘱?  

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Is making a Will necessary? Join us for Will making Zoom Talk. 订立遗嘱必要吗?请来参加遗嘱须知Zoom讲座。

07 October 2020, Wednesday

When and what should I include in my Will?  何时应该订立遗嘱 与遗嘱中应该包括什么?

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What is Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA) and what can LPA do for you?

15 September 2020, Tuesday

What is LPA? Do I need One? Have you done it?  Come! Join us to know what LPA is and can do for you.  Registration for the online Zoom LPA talk in English and Mandarin session is now open! 什麼是 LPA? 我需要一個嗎? 你做完了嗎? 來! 加入我們, 瞭解LPA是什麼, 可以為你做什麼。 网上ZOOM讲座 LPA 註冊現已開放!

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