Our Services

Sheng Hong Active Ageing Hub provides the following services:

1. Day Care

  • Maintenance Day Care

It is a Day Care service for clients while caregivers are at work. Clients will participate in therapist-prescribed physical maintenance exercises and specially curated activities for cognitive stimulation. There will also be psycho-social activities such as community outings and recreational / leisure programmes. Meals are included, consisting of lunch and afternoon tea 

  • Dementia Day Care

It is a Day Care service which comprises comprehensive and structured programmes for clients at different stages of dementia. These activities include reality orientation, cognitive stimulation, reminiscence, meaningful and culturally appropriate and other structured group therapeutic interventions. Meals are included, consisting of lunch and afternoon tea.


2. Day  Rehabilitation

  • Active Rehabilitation therapy

A sessional programme which aims to help clients to reintegrate back to the community through a holistic centre-based rehabilitation programme. Our therapists work with clients individually to maintain, restore or maximise their functional abilities and delay the deterioration of health due to diseases and ageing. This will help them to lead fulfilling lives in the community. 

  • Maintenance Exercises

A sessional programme which focuses on maintaining our clients’ functional ability and delaying physical deterioration due to diseases and ageing. It aims to engage our clients in social and recreational activities, cognitive stimulation activities and wellness programmes that involve body strengthening and balance training.

  • Transport / transport escort service

Available based on locations (within 5km from Sheng Hong Active Ageing Hub @ Sennett). 



3. Community and Volunteer Activities

  • Community Activities
    • Healthy cooking demonstrations
    • Community dining
    • Inter-generational activities
    • Classes and workshops (IT, language classes, etc)
    • Advance Care Planning
    • Interest group activities
    • Other social and recreational activities


  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Befriending services
    • Activity facilitator
    • Exercise facilitator
    • Handyman


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