Casework & Counselling Services

Casework and counselling service is normally provided when individuals or families are in crisis or under stress.

The service may involve a series of face-to-face interview, home visits, and other forms of intervention. Interviews could be conducted with individuals, couples or with family members.  The services are provided by trained social workers & counsellors.  

The goal of the service is to help individuals or families to develop insight into their situation so that they will have better ways to handle and resolve their difficulties. Through receiving the service, individuals and families are helped to regain stability and independence.  

Types of issues which may be suitably handled by casework and counselling service include family violence, parenting issues, caregiving difficulties, marital issues and financial difficulties.

Casework & counselling charges*:

$15 (GST inclusive) per session during office hours
$25 (GST inclusive) per session for evening & Saturday appointment

(*Fee subsidy is available for those who face financial difficulty.)

Please call +65 6289 5022 for counselling appointment.

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