Financial Assistance

There are a variety of schemes and assistance to help low-income families who encounter financial difficulties or sudden life upheavals. Depending on eligibility, we assist those who are in financial needs with the following schemes:

Children & Youth Assistance Fund (CYAF)

CYAF is a scheme set up by Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services.  It provides short-term assistance to families when they have difficulty to provide adequately to meet the basic needs of their dependent children.

School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF)

SPMF is a scheme that helps to provide school-going children with pocket money to meet their basic needs.  Primary school children will receive $60 a month whereas secondary school children will receive $95 a month.

Comcare Transition (CCT)

CCT provides short term financial assistance to those who are temporarily out of job.

Other Schemes Of Assistance

  • Food Rations


You may wish to talk to a social worker to find out more how you can receive help.  Call us at 62895022 for an appointment.

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