Safe Home, Stay Safe: Family Violence Support Group

Being affected by the unprecedent COVID-19 pandemic, many families get into relationship issues while some may even escalate into violence. In the first quarter of FY2021, 11.7% of families which approached Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre (HSHFSC) faced challenges of family violence. In order to better support these families, HSHFSC will be organizing a “Safe Home, Stay Safe” Family Violence Support Group, aiming to support the residents (18 or above) in Southern Hougang who suffered from various forms of family violence, including physical, psychological, neglect or exploitation.

In this pilot group, 6-10 English speaking members will be recruited in this 5-session closed group, from January to March 2022. The group is Support Group in nature with Therapeutic and Psychoeducation elements, with Narrative Therapy as the skeleton. Its topics include Cycle of Violence, Identifying Warning Signs, Building Personal Responsibility, Tips of Safety Plan, Stress Management, Coping during COVID and Rewriting Family Stories. Participating members will learn new skills on attending to their own needs, regulating their stress and emotions, getting support from other members and hence better manage the challenges in their families.

Individuals who experiences ongoing violence, suffering from Active Severe Mental Challenges or having suicide thought will not be suitable for this group. However, they could still approach HSHFSC for intake and casework support anytime.

The current run is only open to existing cases of HSHFSC. We will probably open the subsequent runs to other agencies for their referrals. Please find out more information and update through our website, Facebook and Instagram.

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