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“迈向圆满人生 – 无憾人生/规划晚晴” 线上讲座

29 October 2020, Thursday

你好!本中心为乐龄人士和公众主办一系列的活动。 1) “迈向圆满人生 – 无憾人生/规划晚晴” Zoom 线上讲座        日期:2020年11月24日(星期二)             时间:上午10点半至中午12点         免费给50岁及以上的人士            内容:学习如何更好与家人以及亲友沟通,让关系更紧密;学习如何安排后事以及做        临终准备,无后顾之忧。        2) “迈向圆满人生 – 乐龄资源” Zoom 线上讲座         日期:2020年11月25日(星期三)         时间:上午10点半至中午12点         免费给50岁及以上的人士   […]

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Donate to a Cause 捐助慈善事业

22 October 2020, Thursday

  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]     Life Point is a non-profit organisation that relies on government funding as well as public donation. With your support and contribution, we are able to continue to fulfill our social mission and strive to provide our services with affordable charges.   Please indicate your name and NRIC/FIN/UEN […]

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Zoom Talk on Pre-plan Funeral and Coping with Grief

07 October 2020, Wednesday

  Date: 29 Oct 2020 (Thurs) Time: 10.30am Language: English    Topics covered includes: 1. Benefits of pre-planning one’s funeral 2. How to pre-plan one’s funeral 3. How to deal with grief and loss 4. How to help someone dealing with grief and loss   Please register now at or call 6538 9877.

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