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July to Sept 2022 Zoom Talk 2022年7月至9月Zoom线上讲座

09 June 2022, Thursday

All Zoom talks are free until further notice. All talks are from 1030am to 12pm unless otherwise stated. 所有Zoom线上讲座目前是免费的。除非另有说明,讲座时间都是在早上10点半至中午12点。   Lasting Power of Attorney (English): 05/07/2022 (Tuesday) 02/08/2022 (Tuesday) 09/09/2022 (Friday)   持久授权书 (中文) : 04/07/2022 (星期一) 03/08/2022 (星期三) 08/09/2022 (星期四)   Will Making (English): 12/07/2022 (Tuesday) 10/08/2022 (Wed) 05/09/2022 (Mon)      […]

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Unexpected Journeys English Book Project

15 March 2022, Tuesday

(中文) Back to the Unexpected Journeys…. The “Unexpected Journeys: A collection of short stories” launched in a special date and time, at 2:22pm on 22/2/22. It reads the same from left to right and right to left. It was also a happy “twosday”. It was a big day for us as we have been preparing […]

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Footprints of Life 2 《那些年。。。生命足迹》2

20 December 2021, Monday

中文版   As part of Life Point’s efforts in preserving the memories of seniors, we had collaborated with Mr Yeo Thiang Swee (Trainer) on several occasions to organise an ‘Autobiography Writing’ course for the seniors via National Silver Academy (NSA). This autobiography book ‘<<那些年……生命足迹2>> Footprints of Life 2’ is a culmination of efforts from the […]

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