Mission & Objectives

We strive to promote a positive outlook towards death & dying. We affirm the value of life and the inevitability of death, and therefore encourage people to live a full and meaningful life with no regrets.

Our service objectives are as follows:

  1. To promote public awareness on issues surrounding death and bereavement;
  2. To encourage and support the elderly and their family members to prepare for the inevitability of death and bereavement;
  3. To provide support and resources to those who are frail, vulnerable, or lacking family support, and help them make informed decisions on matters relating to the end stage of life.




  1. 提高大众对死亡议题及丧亲的醒觉
  2. 鼓励与支持年长者和他们的家人准备不可避免的死亡及丧亲
  3. 提供支持与支援给予老弱,缺乏家庭支援的一群,并协助他们行使自主权,为自己的人生终站作决定。


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