Our Services

Life Point provides the following services (中文): 

1. Workshops

  • Life Review Workshop: to facilitate the elderly to reflect and reminiscent their life journey so as to heal the past hurt and to receive affirmation on their life experience in a closed group setting.
  • Towards A Good Death Workshop: to facilitate the elderly to explore the meaning of life and death, do forward planning on end of life matters for peace of mind in a closed group setting.

2. One-stop services 

  • Public talks: to conduct regular educational talks on topics related to end-of-life (EOL) matters such as Lasting Power of Attorney(LPA), Will, Advance Care Plan(ACP) and Advance Medical Directive(AMD). Subject matter expertise will be invited to share relevant information on the subject.
  • Provide assistance for seniors to complete EOL related documents at our centre.

3. Outreaching

To work with community partners to identify the needs of the elderly in terms of awareness and preparation on End-of-Life matters.

4. Embracing Life Series

At Life Point, we strongly advocate for Live Well, Leave Well. We encourage Living Well by organising various activities for seniors to participate in. Seniors who choose to join us as members will receive updates on activities and a quarterly e-newsletter to keep them informed on topics related to both “Living Well” and “Leaving Well”. 

These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Excursion & visits: For building friendship and connection among seniors, as well as for educational purposes, such as visits to funeral parlors, heritage trails, Esplanade etc
  • Interest groups: small groups connect elderly with common interests together and to engage the elderly in meaningful activities such as Reading Club and Rummikub.
  • Senior Volunteerism: volunteering opportunities include organising member’s activities, help on administrative work and befriend with isolated/lonely seniors

Besides the above, we also collaborate with National Silver Academy (NSA) to run courses that we believe will enrich a senior’s life. 

These courses include:

  • Autobiography Writing
  • Japanese Pastel Art (Nagomi)
  • Brain Workshop
  • Silver Years



  • 生命回顾学习小组:在彼此尊重的小组里,引导长者回顾人生,抚平旧伤,并为自己走过独一无二的人生路,接受一份诚挚的肯定。
  • 规划善终学习小组:在彼此尊重的小组里,引导长者学习生死课题和生命的意义,为善终提早做准备,以期达到心安无憾的人生。

2. 一站式服务

  • 教育讲座:定期主办善终准备的公共教育讲座,例如持久授权书,遗嘱,预先护理计划以及预先医疗指示。 有关课题专家将为您提供可靠的相关资讯 。
  • 我们在方便的地点,协助长者安排签署以上文件。

3. 社区合作


4. 拥抱人生系列 (成为会员)


  1. 传承智慧:支持长者传承生活智慧给予下一代,协助长者撰写自传并出版合集就是一项社会教育计划。
  2. 郊游与参访:让长者通过学习性质的活动建立友谊,彼此连结,包括参观殡仪馆生死教育课,认识古迹文化之旅,以及滨海艺术文化中心等。
  3. 兴趣小组:让志同道合的长者组成不同的兴趣小组,通过有意义的活动连结彼此,例如读书会。
  4. 长者义工: 提供长者参与义务工作的机会,例如主持会员活动,协助行政工作以及关怀独居老人。


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