Living Well 活得好

Living Well 活得好

Besides encouraging seniors to plan forward in order for them to “Leave Well”, we are also interested in promoting activities and programmes that will allow them to “Live Well”.

Research shows that keeping active helps us to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit so that we can enjoy our golden years. Life Point conducts an array of activities and programmes that help seniors to be physically and mentally alert, and continue to keep them plugged into a social network:



研究表明,保持活跃有助于我们保持身体,思想和精神的健康,从而使我们享受黄金时期。 Life Point开展一系列活动和计划,以帮助老年人保持身心健康,并继续使其与社交网络保持联系:

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The efforts and time contributed by one person can make a significant difference in the lives of another person.

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