Professional Donee & Deputy Scheme 专业被授权人及专业代理人计划

Professional Donee 专业被授权人

If you have no next-of-kin (NOK) and worry that one day there might be a trusted person to take care your personal welfare such as care arrangement, medical treatment and, property and affairs, such as CPF payout, banking matters, you can find a trained professional to help you. Our pre-requisite is: no NOK, and 70 years old and above, you can contact Life Point to enquire about our professional donee services. If not, you may head to Office of Public Guardian’s website to find the complete list of Professional Donees for you to contact.

如果您没有可信赖的亲属,并担心将来没有可靠的人能为您的个人福利做决定-例如居所安排,医药照顾以及公积金和银行等钱财管理。我们的服务条件:没有亲人 和 70岁以上,可联络生命同行坊询问有关“专业被授权人”服务。若您不符合我们的条件,您可以到公共监护人(OPG)的网站联络其它提供“专业被授权人”的服务的专业人士。


Professional Deputies 专业代理人

If your family member has lost his/her mental capacity and has not made a Lasting Power of Attorney, and you are unable to help him/her manage personal welfare and property affairs matters due to one reason or another, you may want to appoint a professional deputy to help your family member. You can contact us to find out more about our services and fee charges or go to Office of Public Guardian’s website to find the complete list of Professional Deputies for you to contact.


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