To the management of Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Centre.

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Centre, its teachers and interns for their services and a great place to nurture and care for our kids.

I have placed my daughter, Nur Athina, under their care since 2019 and have noticed tremendous improvements in her EQ and sense of responsibility. And yes, I can make the comparison as previously Athina was placed in another Student Care and it wasn’t a great experience for both of us.

Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Centre has proved to be passionate in our children’s wellbeing, be it in school, at centre or home. They are sincerely attentive and made time to let the kids know that they are present and care for them.

Ms Eve, Mdm Chashma, Mdm Cynthia and Mr Don, I am truly grateful for all the assistance that you guys have rendered to both my daughter and me the past 1 year. It has been tough for us but you guys made it much easier by assuring me that my daughter is in capable hands. THANK YOU!! 

Warmest Regards,
Siti Noraini Amporn
(Parent to Nur Athina Amporn 05 March 2020)


Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Center is a wonderful place for our children to grow up together once they start Primary School education. The effectiveness to communicate and work hand-in-hand with the teachers made a great difference to all working parents.

The principal and the teachers are able to cater to the needs of every child and guide them into the big family to be responsible and independent with correct values constantly instilled to them.

As a working parent, I have no worries about the well being of my child, I know that he is well taken care off at the student care centre, and that’s all I need.


Mrs. Goh (Jairus’s mummy)”


Dear Ms Evelyn                                                                                      

It has been a pleasant journey with Sheng Hong SCC as my child has always been forward attending. This gives me the assurance that my child is in good hands and a happy environment. Centre programme imparts to children the importance of academic responsibilities, self-management, and social interaction. A big shout out to the caregivers who show care and concern to the children and impart values through daily conversations. There were a few instances, the caregivers took the prompt approach to interact with me when my child was unwell and gave me assurance and ample time to travel to centre. Health and safety have never been compromised by any caregivers in my three years with them and I deeply appreciate and look forward to picking a happy, safety-assured and healthy child at the end of a tired work day. Thumbs up and keep up the great job! 



(Seth’s mum 25 Sept 2017)


“Sheng Hong After School Care catered exactly what our son Hayden needed.

What stands out the most with Sheng Hong After School Care was the catering to the child’s individual needs. With guidance from his parents, Hayden’s development in his social and scholastic skills at the after school care were on a par with home activities. Tied in with artistic, physical and excursion activities, as well as supplying  balanced nutrition, Sheng Hong After School Care provided a holistic approach to care.

The genuine affection the staff have shown towards Hayden could be seen each day as Hayden recalled his activities over dinner.  It is unfortunate that Hayden had to leave Singapore, and consequently Sheng Hong After School Care facility, and he often talks about visiting in the future – particularly Miss Brenda. As Hayden’s’ parents, we could trust the lines of communication which were available all the time.

During the very unstable schooling scenario that Hayden was undergoing, Sheng Hong After School Care staff provided the stability as well as flexibility in attendance that our family required – at a very reasonable cost.”


Leigh Wills
IT Regional Manager, Information Technology

(Hayden’s dad August 2017)


Dear Ms Ng,

I was wishing to talk to you in person last Thursday evening when I pick up the kids, but I was a bit late and missed you. We really want to thank you and also your staff for the kind care to Kate and John this summer. You are right the kids likes you and your center, they become part of you!

We will miss you all and I might bring them in once in a while to say Hi.

There is nothing better than seeing the kids grow under the right environment, thus the care provided by you and your center will benefit them in a long way.

Look forward to the next summer at Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Center!

Please send our greetings to all teachers!

Kind regards,



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