Special Events 特别活动


  • Footprints of Life Book Project
  • As part of Life Point’s efforts in preserving the memories of seniors, and assisting them in passing down their legacy to their descendants or general members of the public, the idea for the “Footprints of Life” book was born….read more《那些年。。。生命足迹 》计划
  • 生命同行坊致力于肯定及保存长者的人生经历,并协助其传承人生智慧予后辈及普罗大众,出版《那些年。。。生命足迹》的概念于焉诞生。。。更多


  • Interfaith Forum

During the pandemic, what can we do to face the unknown future?
Life Point invites representatives of 5 religions (Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Catholicism) to…read more



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