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Life Point is a project piloted by the Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services.

Since 1 February 2013, this community-based specialised service is developed to assist elderly aged 50 and above, especially those with weak or no social and family support. The service aims to help these people make informed decisions for matters relating to the last stages of their lives, so as to ensure the preservation of their self-respect, dignity, and peace of mind, while they approach the end of their life journeys.

While there is plenty of information available relating to end-of-life issues, there is a general lack of awareness of such information among the elderly and the general public. Hence, there is a need to bridge the communication gap and bring such information across in a manner that the elderly can understand.

Singapore is a fast aging society. Death is inevitable for anyone, regardless of social or economic status. While those who are educated and well supported by family and friends can properly plan for their end-of-life matters, we are concerned for those who are poor and alone. We believe that no one wants to die forgotten, and that all life deserves respect and dignity to the very end.

In the long term, we wish to reduce the taboo of discussing death-related issues, promote greater respect of life, and a higher societal acceptance and concern towards the aged. We wish to reduce loneliness and depression, so as to prevent premature death and suicide among elderly.

As our project’s Chinese name denotes, we hope to become someone to walk alongside with the elderly in the last stages of their lives, so that they will be informed and involved, and their last wish respected.

Besides giving information and practical help such as funeral arrangement, our services also include promoting friendship, support, and integration for the lonely elderly before death, as well as bereavement support to their friends and relatives after death. It is in embracing a good death that we celebrate our life.

Previously located within Chinatown Point, we are now operating from the Sennett estate.

Life Point @ Sennett

Our Address: 175 Macpherson Road, Singapore 348537
Our Telephone: +65 6239 0936
Our Emaillifepoint@shenghong.org.sg

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Monday to Friday: 9am – 1pm, 2pm-6pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed








地址:175麦波申路 邮编 348537
电话:+65 6239 0936
WhatsApp:+65 9195 2006



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